Apple Tree

a long time ago, there was an apple tree. A little boy loved to play with it. He loved to climb the tree, to eat the apples, and to take a nap under its shadow.


Time passed on…

The boy grew up and he no longer plays around the tree.


One day, the boy came to the tree.

The tree asked him,

“Hi, come and play with me…”

the boy replied,

“i am not a kid. i don’t play around trees anymore”

“i play with toys. in fact, i need money to buy toys.”

The tree said,

“I don’t have any money but you can take all my apples and sell it. you will get the money.”


The boy picked all the apples from the tree and went off. He sold the apples and got some money. He bought lots of toys.


But he didn’t look back…


The tree was again, sad.


One day, the boy came again. He had became a grown young man.


the tree said,

“Hi, why are you sad?”

“come and sit under my shadow. i feel very lonely without you…”

The boy said,

“i don’t have time. i work for my family.”

“i want to build a home for them. i need some money.”

the tree said,

“i don’t have any money, but you can take my branches and trunk, and you can build your own home.”


The boy was very happy. He cut all the branches and trunk of the tree, and built a home for him.


Again, the tree was alone, lonely…


The boy didn’t look back…


Time passed on…

After a long time, the boy came back. He was so old. Looking sad, tired and lonely.


The tree asked him,

“why are you sad?”

“i wish… i could help you. but i don’t have apples, i don’t have branches, i don’t even have a shadow.”

“i have nothing else to offer you.”

The boy (old man) replied,

“i am tired of my life, i am lonely.”

“i just need you. can i sit down on your roots?”

The boy (old man) sat down. Both of them were happy and weeping.



The tree is like our parents. Some of us love to play with them when we were kids.

Then as we grow up, we leave them alone, and come only when we are in need or in trouble.

Some people don’t even have time for their parents.

No matter what, our parents will always give everything to make us happy and solve our problems.

And in return, they only want our company, just to be with them.


“…if one of them or both of them attain old age in your life, say not to them a word of disrespect, nor shout at them but address them in terms of honour.”

[Surah Al-Israa’ 17:23]


Love your parents, don’t ever forget them

May Allah bless us all and strengthen our love with our parents.



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